Meet The Team

Head Brewer - Darcy Hall
Darcy HallDirector

Inkerman Ales started as just a fun project back in 2015 to generate funds for Help for Heroes; specifically the Burma Bike Ride. Although he is now the Director, Darcy helped design and then build the brewery as well as derive a variety of beers which are now being brewed each year.

After copious amounts of reading, and a fair bit of tasting, the "Commander" continues to provide a wide variety of beers which are being brewed each year.

Richard HallFinance Manager

Making sure we keep afloat and supplying our niche range of beers, Richard is always to be found checking the books, making submissions to our good friends at HMRC and all those other bean-counter things we expect him to do.

Charles HallPurchasing Manager

Any beer can only be as good as the ingredients it is made from and the kit used to brew it. With his typical South African attitude, Charlie makes sure we always get the best quality for the best price.

Dick HallStoresman

And making sure the brewery is always clean, tidy and well-stocked, Dick is always at hand.