Stretcher Bearer (5.7%)


Malty sweetness rises straight from the glass like caramel, followed by a deeper aroma of dried fruits and a touch of mineral earthiness, like wet firewood.

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About the beer

Celebrating the unsung heroes of many battlefield, this specially developed Winter Warmer will bring solace to many as the nights draw in and the fogs descend, as they did on the Battle of Inkerman.

ABV 5.7%

Food Match

Has there ever been a greater beer to go alongside a shepherd’s pie or beer-battered fish and chips? In our very humble opinion, we like to think not. Stretcher Bearer is perfect for those cold nights where you’d like nothing more than a hearty English meal and a hearty English ale to go with it.

So who were the Stretcher Bearers?

A stretcher bearer is the Crimean equivalent of a modern-day combat medic – these were soldiers pulled from the ranks in order to transport wounded soldiers to the medical wards to be treated by the medical staff. These men had very little training to carry out such a dangerous job, however they carried out their duties in order to give their respective sides the best chance of success. Combat medical supplies and experience was extremely limited for the Russian forces in the Crimean War, stretcher-bearers were however given limited medical knowledge in how to stop hemorrhaging of the wounded via the use of ‘inserting a finger into the wound’ as they did not have the supplies to make sufficient tourniquets.

Mabry, R. (2006). Tourniquet Use on the Battlefield. Military Medicine, 171(5), p. 355.

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