Soldiers’ Battle (4.6%)


This is a powerfully flavoured pint packed with rich fruit aromas and a distinctively smooth, bittersweet taste.


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About the beer

Celebrating the monumental efforts of so many troops fighting mostly on their own initiative, Inkerman Ales has produced what we hope you will agree is a superb premium bitter with robust malt, fruit and hops. Malt, hop, cobnut and orange fruit aromas. Bittersweet in the mouth with a finish packed with fruit and Goldings hops.

ABV 4.6%

Food Match

The full-bodied malt flavour of this beer provides the prime beverage to be consumed alongside crumbly cheeses such as Wensleydale and Stilton and also the orange aromas work beautifully with meat pies, and if you’re feeling a little healthy, a salad.

So what was the Soldier’s Battle?

The Battle of Inkerman is famed for the overwhelming odds the British overcame in their defeat of the Russian forces that outnumbered them 5:1. A significant factor in this victory was a thick fog that descended upon the battlefield, which ‘equally hampered and aided the both sides.’ Had the fog cleared, the British forces would have seen the vast numerical disadvantage they had and potentially retreated, and on the other hand the Russians would have realised their own advantage and would likely have won the battle.

Anyhow, the thick fog, along with the tight terrain of the battlefield, meant that battalions became splintered, men were left fighting individual duels with each other. Leadership became less important and victory depended on the bravery and abilities of the individual soldier. The confusion of the battle is succinctly put by Lieutenant Colonel Edward Hamley; ‘On our part it was a confused and desperate struggle. Colonels of regiments led on small parties, and fought like subalterns, captains like privates. Once engaged every man was his own general.’ The tagline ‘Soldiers’ Battle’ epitomises the bravery and self-sacrifice of the British forces in their incredible victory against the Russians.

Melvin, M. (2017). Sevastopol’s Wars. London: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

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